Change is the only
consistency over time

In the tapestry of success, adaptation to change is a thread woven by the very fabric of evolution. Just as species evolve to thrive in shifting environments, businesses must embrace change to flourish in dynamic markets. The history of life itself teaches us that resilience springs from the ability to adjust, innovate, and seize new opportunities. Embracing change isn't just a choice; it's a compass guiding organizations toward growth. In a world where survival hinges on the fittest response to change, adaptation is the master key to unlocking the door of success.

The sun with a corona mass ejection
The sun with a corona mass ejection

Why FourtyTwo

In my consulting career I have seen may trends coming and going. New buzzwords rize and
disappear without leaving significant effects to the business.

The same time it is always impressive to see companies with a long history in business facing challenges you would not expect to see in a modern world.

In opposite some owner driven companies are super successful with a happy workforce ignoring all trends but do the business as they believe it is right to do.

With 42 Im aiming to share some ideas, examples outside the hype world that might make thing better and easier.

Denis Gönner

30 years experience as Management
Consultants in transformation projects
in more than 30 Countries.

Besides typical topics like cost reduction, restructuring and efficiency gains, I enjoy to grow my capabilities in the three areas which I believe are essential for companies to grow and sustain their market position.

Leadership: How can we grow better leadership and leadership culture to make people grow.
Sustainability: By integrating sustainability in the thinking and long term planning, it is possible to address many shortcomings in today's financial and business planning.
Innovation: Improving innovation in companies, is the key source of efficiency gains throughout the whole supply chain and guarantee for future success.